The Best Baits For Salmon Fishing

The Best Baits for Salmon Fishing

If you’re an avid salmon fisherman, you know that the best baits are those that are tailored to the species, the season, and the area where you’re fishing. That being said, there are a few baits that will always be effective for catching salmon. 

Whether you’re fishing for wild or hatchery salmon, the following baits are sure to bring you success. One of the most popular baits for salmon is salmon eggs, which can be bought in jars, cans, or fresh. Fresh eggs can be extracted by squeezing the belly of a salmon and releasing the eggs through a slit made in the fish’s belly. Salmon eggs are typically fished with a single egg hook, and they work well in both still and running water.

 Another great bait for salmon is spoons. Spoons are typically made with a metal body, a single hook, and a brightly colored blade. The action of the blade attracts salmon, and the hook is designed to catch them when they strike. Spoons can be used in both still and running water and are effective for catching both wild and hatchery salmon. 

Live bait is also an effective way to catch salmon. Popular live baits include herring, anchovies, and small minnows. Live bait is typically fished with two or three hooks and requires a weight to keep it at the bottom of the water. Live bait works best when fished slowly, and it is effective for catching both wild and hatchery salmon.

Plugs are a very popular lure for salmon fishing. Plugs mimic a wounded bait fish, various colours and sizes will help you catch the big one.

 Finally, flies are another popular bait for salmon. Flies are artificial lures that are designed to imitate the appearance and behavior of natural food sources. They come in a variety of styles, colors, and sizes, and they can be fished in both still and running water. Flies are often fished behind a flasher, which helps to give the fly the correct action. Flies are a great choice for catching salmon.

No matter which bait you choose, always remember to check the local regulations and to practice proper catch and release techniques to ensure the health and sustainability of the salmon population. With the right bait and a bit of patience, you’re sure to have a successful day on the water.

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